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  • What we're about!

    When you read 105 hours, you were thinking: "No way I'm giving 105 hours of my life to someone I don't know".


    Here's the deal, you don't actually have to give 105 hours. We've heard of multiple people giving 100 hours and more of volunteer work, from mentorship to community work. And wanted to give a platform where young entrepreneurs can connect to credible professionals.


    So, go ahead, sign up, and give it a shot! You can opt out at any time, no fees, no commitment.

Upon signing up to this website, you agree to not ask entrepreneurs for cash reimbursement or equity reimbursement for your time given as mentor. 

Mentors agree that for a minimum time of 1(One) Year from reply date to entrepreneur they are not allowed to own equity, estate or any ownership in an entrepreneurs' business. Nor can a mentor ask for financial reimbursement or gifts of any kind.

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